Coming up with great designs requires a lot of work and it will be disappointing if all that hard work is ruined on account of bad print quality. The first worry would be how to present such to your client, followed by the waste of resources involved.

Why quality is important?

The reputation of your brand depends on it. Imagine getting paid a lot to come up with a design concept which gets ruined because of a faulty printer or lack of due diligence on the part of who had carried out the print job. Quality prints will enable you to confidently present your work to clients because you know that the work you have put in will be properly presented even if you aren’t there to show them.

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How to ensure quality prints

Here are a few ways to ensure that your drawings and plans come out with good quality:

01. Details

Ensure that every detail has been considered, the paper grade, ink type, orientation, and other relevant settings are suitable for the type of drawings you intend to print. Whether you are going for coloured or black and white, the attention you pay to even the smallest details will determine how your prints turn out.

02. Use the right technology

There are tons of printers out there and it is easy to get one that would ruin your work without even trying. If you do not know how to tweak your gadget for the right results, you will always encounter problems when it comes to printing quality. Understanding how to set up and fix key functionalities with your printer will help you find your way around it when you aren’t getting the right results. 

04. Colour Grading

Sometimes you may discover that the colours on your print do not match the quality you had on screen. Knowing how to work with colours will affect your ability to produce designs that come out well when you print. Retain the same colours and carry out the necessary colour corrections, before going ahead to print. Consider elements such as resolution, layering, contrast and brightness.

05. What about material quality?

Are you printing on plain paper, matte or glossy paper, or even any other material? You ought to ensure that the materials you use for printing are in good condition, not crumpled, broken, torn or having rough edges because this will obviously affect the quality of your print. Remember the printer is not a magic wand and will only produce with what has been provided.

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06. Size is key
Check that the resolution of your work matches the size of the output material as any variety would alter the outcome. It is also important that you specify this even when you have to outsource your printing.

07. Contact a professional service 
You can avoid making a series of errors and corrections, or wasting resources because the first and second print did not turn out well by reaching out to professionals who will consider all the hacks necessary for producing quality prints.

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