What is PrintMyDrawings?

PrintMyDrawings is an online print shop that enables you to upload your architectural/ construction drawing files from the convenience of your office or home and get it delivered to you or shipped to your intended destination.

What are some benefits of PrintMyDrawings?

  • PrintMyDrawings offers a robust closed-looped order flow, thereby simplifying order processing and tracking.
  • PrintMyDrawings can transmit up to 3GB of content per transmission, including large architectural & engineering drawings, 3D renderings, etc.
  • PrintMyDrawings has no printing limitations. Black & white and color content can be distributed, stored, and printed according to specification on the desired print options on our website.
  • PrintMyDrawings eliminates the nightmare associated with traveling several kilometers to get a standard print job.
  • PrintMyDrawings aims to maximize business productivity which in turn yields fast output turnaround.

Promotional Packages?

Introductory promotional packages may be offered from time to time. Inquiries for any promotional offers can be sent to print@printmydrawings.com

How do I upload a file to PrintMyDrawings?

  • Visit printmydrawings.com
  • Choose the type of print you want by color (B&W, Colored, Graphic Design presentation).
  • Choose the size of paper for your print. (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4)
  • Choose also the paper type you desire (plain white paper, glossy photo paper etc.)
  • Input the number of pages in your document.
  • Select paper size and add to Cart.
  • Simply upload PDF or JPEG file for prints during checkout
  • Currently, there are no folder uploads (multiple files must be zipped)

Can I send multiple files in one order?

Yes up to 3GB worth of content. You can also send multiple files by “zipping” them together.

What software is required to use PrintMyDrawings?

No software is required. All you need to use PrintMyDrawings is a connection to the internet and a current web browser.

What type of file types can PrintMyDrawings transmit?

.JPG .JPEG .PNG .PDF .ZIP .RAR .7Z can be transmitted through PrintMyDrawings

Does PrintMyDrawings ship print orders outside Nigeria?

No. PrintMyDrawings only operates within Nigeria and we ship to all 36 states of the federation.

What advantages does PrintMyDrawings offer as compared to other solutions?

  • PrintMyDrawings does not require hardware or maintenance. Thus no hardware or maintenance costs associated with PrintMyDrawings.
  • PrintMyDrawings uses SSL encryption technology providing the highest level of security during transmission of drawings.
  • You can track your order when you use PrintMyDrawings.
  • Payment cards used on PrintMyDrawings.com are safe and your card information are not saved on the website after usage.
  • Files and drawings uploaded on PrintMyDrawings.com are deleted immediately after your print order is produced and shipped.
  • There are no chances of infecting your storage devices as files are transmitted to PrintMyDrawings.com through online uploads.
  • Generally, orders confirmed before 11am are delivered the same day in Lagos while orders confirmed after 11am are delivered the following business day. Orders from other parts of the country are delivered within 24-48 hours after confirmation.
  • Your presence is not required for the production of your print order. That means you can use your valuable time for other productive businesses or leisure.

Can my files be accessed by a third-party?

No. PrintMyDrawings deletes your file and documents from our database as soon as your order is through to completion and delivery.

What happens if the Internet or local broadband goes down during a file transmission?

If the internet or the local broadband is lost during a file transmission to PrintMyDrawings, the transmission will be halted and will continue as soon as your internet connection is restored (provided your browser is not closed).

Does PrintMyDrawings print outdoor advertising materials such as banners, posters, flyers etc.?

No. We do not print on any form of advertising material. We specialize only in Architectural and Construction drawing prints.

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