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When starting a construction project, it is important that relevant construction documents are printed for easy reference and accessibility. These projects take a long time and a series of events to complete, therefore, careful documentation of the process will not only enhance the workflow but also hold value for future projects. A lot of people are asking ‘where can I print my drawings’ or ‘print drawings online’ and we are here to help you understand which of your drawings and documents you should print online in order to ensure efficient and quality project deliveries: 

01. Construction Drawings – Final Submissions

These are very important documents because they reveal the project’s details, structure and design. As a result, they should be ready in the early design and construction stages to help determine the scope and other aspects of the project. All drawings ranging from architectural, electrical, structural, plumbing & sanitary drawings and so on should be prepared and signed off on. They are also required for government approval before the project commences.

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02. Plans – Large Format

These are typically large drawings and layouts which are important at the beginning of the project to direct the flow of work and foundational details of the project. They include; Floor plans, Site plans, Landscape plans, millwork drawings and so. These plans will put into consideration all the technical aspects of your construction projects. 

A printed copy of your Plans on large format printing will help you have a closer look at the details that would have been difficult to see on screen. Good news is you can print large format architectural drawings in Lagos here.

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03. Construction Schedule

This is a must-have for your construction project because they reveal the scope, duration and flow of the project. They show the activities and relationship between various aspects and individuals involved in the project. 

While they can be distributed digitally between all parties involved, it is also important that this schedule is printed for accessibility and offline documentation.

04. Legal Documents

Construction like every other venture has its legal aspects. Legal documents the construction contract, building permits, insurance documents and so on should not be lacking as they clearly state the terms and conditions of the contract and are helpful in preventing conflict during the course of the project. You can print your legal documents here.

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05. Project Reports

Your client has to stay updated with the events of the project, therefore, having a well-detailed report periodically sent during the course of the project will make this possible. With PrintMyDrawings, you can have these project reports printed and delivered to the client at agreed milestones during the lifetime of the project.

06. Bill of Quantities

This is an important determinant for the financial cost of the project. As a contractor, this would play a key role in your bid strategy as it shows details of the materials, labour, tools and other resources that will go into the project. Information like this helps your client make decisions regarding the project as well.

Every building and construction projects have unique requirements, documenting these unique specifications contribute to the value of the project. They provide a solid background for future references and reflect the time, efforts and cost invested into the project.

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