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Without Architectural and Construction drawings, diving into a building project would be chaotic. These drawings are guides and ensure that every construction project is on track.

A building plan is a pictorial representation of what a building will look like after construction. It includes the totality of Architectural, Electrical, Structural and Mechanical drawings.  These plans guide the cost, and direction of a building project – this is vital for every architect and engineer involved in a building project. Also, each of them serves a specific purpose and reveals technical details relevant to the different sections of the building.  There are various types of drawings needed in printed copies. 

1. Site Plan

A site plan is a detailed graphic representation of the building’s layout. It reveals the boundaries of a property, means of access to the site; and other nearby structures that are relevant to the design. It shows features of the property such as the terraces, walkways, parking lots, landscaped areas, drainage, water supply, electrical connections, and so on. The site plan should follow local regulations and restrictions. As a result, it is often printed for review and approval by the relevant authorities.


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You can print floorplans here

2. Floor Plan

A floor plan is another important architectural drawing that shows the arrangement of the spaces in the building. It is similar to a map showing the layout of the building from the top. It indicates the walls, windows, doors, and other features like furniture fittings and so on. A good floor plan ensures that there is a clean transition between spaces in the building. You should print the Floor plan in good quality because it is also a point of reference in the course of the construction process.


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3. Elevation & Perspective Drawings

The elevation drawing is a projected 2D representation of each side of the house. It provides a complete view of a particular side of the house; showing the vertical dimensions, and the materials needed for these parts. Generally, it is the orthographic projection of a building’s exterior or interior features. A proper elevation drawing shows every side of the house in detail.


Elevation drawing

Perspective drawings are 3D drawings that show detailed connections between the exterior elements with accurate measurements. Also, they depict the placement of different building materials like bricks, stones, paints, and so on. The 3D drawings give a broad view of each side of the house and provide a realistic image of the exterior.

Interior perspective drawings show the elements built into the building interiors and come in 3D forms revealing the furniture placements and designs, lighting types, floor patterns, and paint colours.

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4. Landscape plans

With landscape plans, the focus is on aesthetics. It is like a floor plan that focuses on the exterior of the building. The Landscape plan shows natural elements like flowers, trees, etc. that adorn the building’s surroundings. It also includes man-made elements like fountains, artificial plants, grasses, etc. that beautify the outdoor area. Landscape plans are for beautification purposes and give an insight into the specifications of materials used in the building process.

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Construction drawings are needed because they guide choices that affect the rest of the project. The Architect should pay attention to the details like the environment, landmass, government regulation, existing buildings, budget, and client preferences when developing a plan.

These various building plans are printed and sent to clients before the project begins. They are also needed to ensure that the proposed project is in line with the regulations which govern the site’s location.

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